Cancer Prevention: Eat Right, Stay Safe

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Mom always said you are what you eat, but you have probably written that off as myth along with, “If you eat apple seeds, apple trees will grow out of your ears!” The fact is that Mom was actually right in that the foods you eat are what will make or break your health. If you want to eat correctly to help you fend off cancer, read on for some helpful hints.

A study in Finland shows that those who eat sauerkraut reduce their risk of cancer exponentially. There are many compounds which are created during the fermentation process, including indoles, ITCs and suforaphane. At the same time, a great deal of salt is used to preserve the food as it ferments, and high sodium levels are good for you. While kimchee is fermented, the sodium can cause many other health problems, but sauerkraut can be rinsed once taken out of the can so that most of the salt is washed away and only the great cancer-fighting compounds remain in the cabbage.

If you eat a lot of meat, make sure it is lean. High fat foods which include animal proteins increase your chances of developing lymphoma by as much as 70 percent, while eating saturated fats in general increases your chances as much as 90 percent! That means you need to choose dairy products which are low- or non-fat and switch from red meats like beef to low fat fish options or turkey. Also, skip the butter and use olive oil instead when sauteing or frying foods.

Want to reduce your risk of lung cancer? Carotenoids are found in plants and are known to lower your chances of developing tumors in your lungs. Cantaloupe is full of this cancer-fighting chemical, so pick one up every week. All you need is a few pieces every day to enjoy the benefits of carotenoids, plus it tastes amazing and is really refreshing.

If you want to turn it into a little fruit salad, add some kiwi as well. It’s absolutely jam packed with antioxidants like copper, vitamin E and lutein. If you want to add another flavor to the mix, throw in some blueberries which are also full of antioxidants. Together, these three fruit taste absolutely amazing and don’t need any sugar to be added to make them an exceptional dessert. That means they turn into a cancer-fighting meal which can do no wrong!

Silymarin, which has a very funny name, reduces your risk of developing skin cancer. Want to get a great dose of it? Consider peeling some artichokes, slicing off the bottom and top, and then steaming them for 30 minutes. Dip them in your favorite salad dressing and enjoy!

What you put into your body is not only what fuels it, but also fuels all of the diseases you face. When it comes to cancer, the food items you choose can destroy it or make it stronger. You have the choice when it comes to how you face your risk of cancer, and to reduce it, use the tips in this article every day.

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