How To Prevent Cancer: Tips And Tricks

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It is likely that you know someone who has battled against cancer. You have seen their dramatic journey and how hard it is to fight this disease. If you want to avoid having to deal with this situation yourself, there are some tips and tricks that can help you stop cancer in its tracks, so read on.

While you may be shocked at this tip, having a beer with your dinner is a great idea. Beer actually reduces the number of Heliobacter pylori in your stomach, a bacteria which can cause stomach upset, ulcers and even cancer of the stomach. That said, one is enough as drinking more than that can cause increased risk of many other cancers, including oral, liver and even breast cancer in women.

If you want to add a healthy snack or salad topper to your anti-cancer arsenal, consider toasted Brazil nuts. They are full of selenium, a mineral which actually makes cancer cells die off and even causes your own cells to rebuild their DNA. People who have a lot of selenium in their bloodstream are better able to keep cancer under control, even for decades. Studies have shown that eating two unshelled Brazil nuts per day reduced cancers by between 46 and 63 percent, and cancer deaths by as much as 39 percent!

Safe sex is a great way to keep cervical cancer at bay in women. If you are monogamous and use a condom, your risk drops exponentially. The reason for this is that most cervical cancers are caused by HPV, a sexually transmitted disease. Men and women both can carry this disease, so it can be passed on from partner to partner. If you stick to one partner who is faithful to you, your cancer risk drops significantly.

Getting out for a 30-minute walk every day can lower breast cancer risk. Getting some exercise lowers estrogen levels, and estrogen is a factor in developing a tumor in your breast. If you want to reduce your risk of pancreatic cancer, as little as four hours of walking per week can do the job – cutting it by 50 percent. It is likely that increased metabolism of insulin thanks to getting up and moving is what helps to reduce the cancer risk.

If you love potatoes, choose mashed instead of fries. Want some potato chips? Try some pretzels instead. Roasted, baked and fried foods develop acrylamide, a cancer-causing chemical. Most people’s favorite foods contain high levels of acrylamide, and it causes thousands of cancers every year. Some foods are higher in acrylamide than others, and french fries are near the top of the list.

Now that you know how to keep cancer at bay, the next step is to put these tricks to use. Start changing your lifestyle to include them in your everyday habits and you will begin to stop cancer before it starts. The more of these tips you use, the better your chances will be, so make use of as many as you can.

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