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When it comes to cancer, there are very few things we can say for sure, but there are a few things that we are pretty sure to be true. Unfortunately, many types of cancer do not give any blatant indication of their presence before they have had time to become very serious. However, some cancers to give us indicators in the early treatable stages. The trick is to make sure we listen to our bodies and recognize these signs as early as possible. Here are a few symptoms that might indicate a serious condition.

There are many diseases that can cause coughing, so a cough alone does not mean you have developed lung cancer. However, a persistent cough that appears gradually should prompt you to see a doctor. Any cough that starts gradually and persists longer than ten days requires a visit to the doctor. Even if it’s not cancer, it could be another serious illness that requires attention.

Cancer severely weakens the bodies immune system. One apparent sign of this is that small wounds do not heal as quickly as expected. As with a cough, cancer is not the only thing that causes this, but anything that does is serious. If you notice that your body is taking longer than normal to repair minor cuts and bruises, schedule a doctor’s visit.

Skin cancer is one of the most treatable cancers as long as it is discovered quickly. Fortunately, skin cancer does everything it can to alert us of its presence. Check your body regularly for any skin marks that are new or have changed noticeable. If freckles begin to darken or if moles change shape, save yourself from radiation by getting them checked early.

Lot’s of things make us tired, whether activity or an acute infection such as the common cold. But if you experience fatigue that seems to persist and no other symptoms show up to suggest it was caused by another illness, you need to schedule a checkup. For internal cancers, this is often the only sign you will get that the cancer is present.

Oral cancer is more common than the media would have you think. It usually manifests as white patches in the mouth. The spots may or may not be painful. If you visit a dentist regularly, they will spot these and prompt you to have them checked by a physician. IF you do not, make an effort to occasionally look around in there for anything out of place.

Your body is full of blood so the occasional speck or two of it in your stool is not a big concern. A little blood in the saliva also probably suggests bad hygiene more than cancer. A little blood in the urine is a little more concerning. But any of these that persist indicate a condition that might be a form of cancer. Persistent rectal bleeding is especially indicative of cancer and needs to be addressed as soon as possible.

You should try hard to avoid the things o=known to cause cancer, but in the long run the disease is hard to avoid. Therefore you must pay attention to the little signs your body gives you. By being aware of yourself, you can catch the disease in the early stages and have the best chance of a full recovery.

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